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The relentless Page Refresh has been delivering its blinding white flash to your users and consuming valuable bandwidth for years. Does your team have the Backbone to Knockout the Page Refresh? You can engage the hubs of SignalR, broadcast with, or maybe even Pusher. Will your server stack be up to the challenge? Wield frameworks like Node.js, ASP.NET MVC, or Rails. You will need practice hours in the dojo of Heroku, and explore Azure skies to complete all of the paths in this adventure. Can you step outside of your comfort zone and mash some code? Are you up to the challenge?

In this session, you will embark on a “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style project where you will make decisions as you develop a Single-Page Application (SPA). You will make technology choices that include JavaScript or CoffeeScript, Backbone or Knockout, ASP.NET or Rails or Node.js, and Heroku or Azure. When you complete your adventure, you will have a fully-working application built with the technologies of your choosing. The best part is, you can keep coding and recoding until you have not one but many incredible implementations of the Single-Page Application.

Discuss Choose Your Own Application: Google Group or @CYOApp